week 5—important sketch book

key words of the video:

planning sites;firstly consider content ;easy way to sum up and make the organization;sketching advantages.

If people want to make a site,firstly they should have a planning;consider sites content; architecture;user experiences……

and compare use Photoshop and coding to make a sample of the website draft,there are more benefits if the creator

choose the sketching.

Low cost, quickly, easy to see main structure and convenient to change ,and because there are not much design details,people can pay more attention on “one big idea.”

And in order to make a good sketching, people would better have the good quality tools —–pencils,markers,notes,and sketch books.


weekly 4——-remix culture

This essay said today is a remix society –including music.fashion,design,art……a lot of
things.This essay gives us samples of remix products.And then it gave the different definition
of “appropriation” and“quoting”.Also it talks about coppyright,and nowadays remix product in everywhere.
I fond this as my Q1 answer;a song on toutube .links here

The original song “xiaopingguo “is a popar song during in 2014 in china,this video
combines chinese old classic TV “journey to the west” characters,parts of voice,made
the new fuuny mv to “xiaopingguo “.
wiki links about little apple:
In my view,remix culture means not only remix dffrent physical exist things,but also
remix spiritual things like theory or creations.because nowadays a lot of areas already
have their classics.So mixed this kind of classics as the materials to recreat things
become nowadays phenomenon.
copyright,who owns the remix creations?Is this recreations harm the original creator copyright?
And that also means as the designer we should broad our vision.
Not as the original creator,as the people who can cut and combine the things together
they also can be a creator.And spiritual things combine can give the people more inspirations.

I fond another good article,links here :


week 3—-Cultural Probes

this essay through a great example shows how to use cultural probes to gather enough personal informations and materials ,and to get good communication with the elders through the redesigned things.

Q2 what is a Cultural probe and why is it a useful tool for designers?

In this essay we can know cultural probe is a way that this team did to know the more local information from the elders.The cultural probes–packages of maps,postcards, disposable camera,photo album and media diary.

it is a useful tool because this way can reduce some distance with authors and elders, and the return information the authors get has the great value.The materials the authors get not only give them inspiration of designs,but also can provoke the elders to consider their environment in a new way.

In my views,Cultural Probes is a good way to get the informations from the target audience ,if you make the designs for these fixed audience,you should know their local environment and build the friendly relation ship with them.And from their information designers can get the new inspirations for designs.As a designer in nowadays ,we should know how to get the information we need from our users answers,


weekly 2 --advertising campaign:IKEA moving day

A little video introduction of this campaign:

屏幕快照 2014-10-05 下午07.54.37

Every year July 1 is ‘moving day’ in Quebec of Canada.On this day a large number of people moving the house together.So every things about moving house are exceed demand.

屏幕快照 2014-10-05 下午07.56.45

IKEA do a really good thing to help these people —–they provided their IKEA free moving boxes,and the boxes having check list,moving tips,coupon,⋯⋯these boxes are all put nearly the IKEA store.

屏幕快照 2014-10-05 下午07.55.27屏幕快照 2014-10-05 下午07.55.35

屏幕快照 2014-10-05 下午07.56.09

like a poster!IKEA did a good advertising campaign through gave the people a help.


This result:

visitor was 14% up ,and sales were 25%up.

屏幕快照 2014-10-05 下午07.39.44

From this example,it was a good way to show how to let your consumers join your advertising campaign and get the success.

In my view,this is a great case to show how to show your friendly and win your customers,gave the customers what

they need,customers will happy to go your place.And it is also a good example to show how to use your customers

do the propaganda for your company.

weekly 1 ——–iA: Writer

APP  iA: Writer

So,let us firstly look at this app,yes through icon you can know this is a app for writing.

屏幕快照 2014-10-05 下午06.32.35

10 principles (Good design makes a product useful)

this app is really useful for those people who want wright on their iphone or ipad,you also can save or get your text through cloud or Dropbox ;this app also is convenient for you if you want print your text or email your text.


10 principles(Good design helps a product to be understood)

Of course when we open it we can understand this app quickly:for writing.Its structure clearly and have not got any extra design on it.


10principles(Good design is concerned with the environment)

This app consider what users will do after finish their text,so it has (print/email,or save for cloud or Dropbox) these options.