week 3—-Cultural Probes

this essay through a great example shows how to use cultural probes to gather enough personal informations and materials ,and to get good communication with the elders through the redesigned things.

Q2 what is a Cultural probe and why is it a useful tool for designers?

In this essay we can know cultural probe is a way that this team did to know the more local information from the elders.The cultural probes–packages of maps,postcards, disposable camera,photo album and media diary.

it is a useful tool because this way can reduce some distance with authors and elders, and the return information the authors get has the great value.The materials the authors get not only give them inspiration of designs,but also can provoke the elders to consider their environment in a new way.

In my views,Cultural Probes is a good way to get the informations from the target audience ,if you make the designs for these fixed audience,you should know their local environment and build the friendly relation ship with them.And from their information designers can get the new inspirations for designs.As a designer in nowadays ,we should know how to get the information we need from our users answers,


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