weekly 4——-remix culture

This essay said today is a remix society –including music.fashion,design,art……a lot of
things.This essay gives us samples of remix products.And then it gave the different definition
of “appropriation” and“quoting”.Also it talks about coppyright,and nowadays remix product in everywhere.
I fond this as my Q1 answer;a song on toutube .links here

The original song “xiaopingguo “is a popar song during in 2014 in china,this video
combines chinese old classic TV “journey to the west” characters,parts of voice,made
the new fuuny mv to “xiaopingguo “.
wiki links about little apple:
In my view,remix culture means not only remix dffrent physical exist things,but also
remix spiritual things like theory or creations.because nowadays a lot of areas already
have their classics.So mixed this kind of classics as the materials to recreat things
become nowadays phenomenon.
copyright,who owns the remix creations?Is this recreations harm the original creator copyright?
And that also means as the designer we should broad our vision.
Not as the original creator,as the people who can cut and combine the things together
they also can be a creator.And spiritual things combine can give the people more inspirations.

I fond another good article,links here :


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