WEEK 9 Affordances

After I reading the article and watching the video, I think affordance is an attribute,and it identified on the basis of various characteristics; it also links the cognitive psychology.

So this week blog question is:

“what are the affordances of a contemporary smartphone?”

A smartphone (or smart phone ) is a mobile phone with more advanced computing capability and connectivity than basic feature phones .(wikipedia

calendar;phone;E-book;E-mail;entertainment(game/video);camera;some of the social relationship(social medias app);



WEEK 8 blog task 2 Visual Hierarchies.

Find a webpage or photogreaph a double-page spread from a magazine you think is a good example of visual hierarchy.


color: simple but give the people natural and old age feelings.suit for the context—grape wine introduction.

typeface:long sans serif heading typeface and the relaxing body text ,represent leisure but elegant feelings.

layout:clearly show us the order to read.

I guess maybe this book is use special paper to print.

I also love this one


I love how the watercolor and beautiful layout combine in this layout, and I think it shows how to made a good use of grid.

I use to made a layout of a group cosplay photo these days.

here is the link


but coz the time limited,I have not consider some of the details.(and the context)

week8 group work of class task

On this Monday class we have a task brief ,it called DATA VISUALISATION.d47fc21bjw1emlm06bm7cj20xc18g7f3

and the topic we get is “travel”.The first stage we decide the context and creat a bar chart .


and finally we made a outcome


we use notes to paste a world map.



and our names are all on the big orange note paper, the lines length represent the number of countries we have been.


except the big orange note and the lines on it,there was a note paste on the map for each person, (the same color means the same person), on this note we wright down the numbers of place in one year want to go,and paste it on the place we most want to go.

The orange big note also can move,a small vedio to record:


WEEK 8 information and data visualisations

1. Using your first example describe 3 qualities that you think make your example an effective piece information visualisation.

I recommended this one:

Drones programmed for light painting in the sky


a simple video to show how to use led light painting in the sky :


I really like this example.

  • It is a very interesting case,and it is really beautiful when use the light movement to draw a 3d painting in the sky.The amazing pic and light movement can easily catch people’s eyes.
  • The audience are the people live in this area,they can see the pic in the sky.it made me consider this technology can be use in some big exhibition like Olympic Games opening ceremony.
  • it also can be use in some films/photography.

2. Using your second example describe 3 problems or issues that make your second example less effective or difficult to understand.

Maybe this one:

Hand-drawn, detailed city maps


There are some reasons I choose this one as the second example:

  • It really take a long time to draw this map and walk through the city.The most important thing is that I think nowadays need not to do this.For example the google map can show us the street name more clearly and convenient.
  • If some street or building changed,It is hardly to redraw the map.
  • I have not get the meaning of this action.and the maps are not beautiful enough.




WEEK 7 digital publishing

”There will be a revolution about magazines,because our technology are going to be able view and consider medias in a different way.“

Beginning with this sentence ,this video main talk about a new digital magazine witch is called 《WIRED》,published in 2010.

And in this introduction video, it said a lot of new features of contemporary digital magazines;3-d display images;new navigation system;flexible layout;more convenient to communicate with audience……

digital publishing revolution offer more choices for readers.

some examples of features of contemporary digital magazines  not mentioned in the film:

quickly:easy to get feedback. (because usually reading on devices with internet)

links:easy to get other websites or somewhere.

some dissadvantages:

if your devices are no power, you can not read your magazines,this may be made your read uncertainty.

week 6 Using Prototypes to Find Solutions


The d.school has developed a five-step process,and 1.interviewing and observing in the field;2.synthesizing insights;3.generating ideas;these 3 are the steps before start doing a prototype.

and in order to get ready to prototypes
1,defining problem
you must come to consensus on the context .clear about your work.
2,preparing organization
3,believe in its basic principles.
4,start your initial conversations by using concepts that are already generally understood within your organization and by your management team.
5,Preparing your team
6,Preparing your space


The prototypes were all developed on paper and built by hand.

The team discovered that if the quality is too high, users get distracted by some aspect of the design that isn’t part of the issue being tested, or they are less willing to give open and honest feedback because they think the prototype is already finalized.If the fidelity is too low, it gets in the way of users being able to understand and interact with it, and staff end up over-explaining.The team learned that if they found the sweet spot of “just-enough” fidelity, then users can grasp the concept or variable and give useful feedback.

For my understanding,low-fidelity is the draft,it is a way to try and it suits communicate with the team member;“just-good-fidelity”is the best way to get enough feedback from users.“high-fidelity”is the step after users feedback.

This article teach us how to use prototypes to find solutions,and this method can use in many areas.Some important thing in the process is to insure the prototypes are at the “just-enough”fidelity if want to get enough feedback.And there are also some suggestions through those cases.