week 6 Using Prototypes to Find Solutions


The d.school has developed a five-step process,and 1.interviewing and observing in the field;2.synthesizing insights;3.generating ideas;these 3 are the steps before start doing a prototype.

and in order to get ready to prototypes
1,defining problem
you must come to consensus on the context .clear about your work.
2,preparing organization
3,believe in its basic principles.
4,start your initial conversations by using concepts that are already generally understood within your organization and by your management team.
5,Preparing your team
6,Preparing your space


The prototypes were all developed on paper and built by hand.

The team discovered that if the quality is too high, users get distracted by some aspect of the design that isn’t part of the issue being tested, or they are less willing to give open and honest feedback because they think the prototype is already finalized.If the fidelity is too low, it gets in the way of users being able to understand and interact with it, and staff end up over-explaining.The team learned that if they found the sweet spot of “just-enough” fidelity, then users can grasp the concept or variable and give useful feedback.

For my understanding,low-fidelity is the draft,it is a way to try and it suits communicate with the team member;“just-good-fidelity”is the best way to get enough feedback from users.“high-fidelity”is the step after users feedback.

This article teach us how to use prototypes to find solutions,and this method can use in many areas.Some important thing in the process is to insure the prototypes are at the “just-enough”fidelity if want to get enough feedback.And there are also some suggestions through those cases.

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