WEEK 8 information and data visualisations

1. Using your first example describe 3 qualities that you think make your example an effective piece information visualisation.

I recommended this one:

Drones programmed for light painting in the sky


a simple video to show how to use led light painting in the sky :


I really like this example.

  • It is a very interesting case,and it is really beautiful when use the light movement to draw a 3d painting in the sky.The amazing pic and light movement can easily catch people’s eyes.
  • The audience are the people live in this area,they can see the pic in the sky.it made me consider this technology can be use in some big exhibition like Olympic Games opening ceremony.
  • it also can be use in some films/photography.

2. Using your second example describe 3 problems or issues that make your second example less effective or difficult to understand.

Maybe this one:

Hand-drawn, detailed city maps


There are some reasons I choose this one as the second example:

  • It really take a long time to draw this map and walk through the city.The most important thing is that I think nowadays need not to do this.For example the google map can show us the street name more clearly and convenient.
  • If some street or building changed,It is hardly to redraw the map.
  • I have not get the meaning of this action.and the maps are not beautiful enough.




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