WEEK 11 Final summarize

a. One assessed task that you feel was successful and why?
b. One assessed task you found difficult and why? Describe how you might approach it differently next time.

A.I am happy with the last task,maybe exactly to say they are last 3,4,5 Task“mouse APP”.The reason why I feel it was successful because through 3,4,5 Task,we know overall how to start and do a project .How to focus on users and finally get the output.It combine the knowledge we learned to the practice.


B.I really fond difficult in the first Task.Because the first task I totally can not understand what is the brief ask we do.When I am in the early weeks in this semester, I have got a clearly idea that what we as a communication designer will do.I think it is told us to design an university international friends engagement app, how to layout and organize the information.

Actually at the beginning of the reading task —Dieter Rams: ten principles for good design,make me consider a lot when I do my project.Is it simple?quick to understand?Is my design method suitable for my users?(example:mouse app,I decide 6-12 years children as main users,so I should stand in their way to consider a lot of things,from the research I fond this period children read too long paragraph will made them feel boring,and the books for them often have cute pictures to attract their eyes.)


And during in this semester leisure time ,I usually searched some information about modern art/design/photography.I fond I love to explore things about people’s feeling/spirit. For example, I am always dont know the reason why Yayoi Kusama is so popular and now she as one of the most important living artists to come out of Japan.And after I watched her interview video, I fond I praise of her spirit and the her attitude of this world; Guernica, this painting also has powerful emotion ;some of the photos they record the world combine the photographer’s feeling and mood;Andy warhol,maybe his feeling of this world is no feeling, because he said what he want to do is try to make all the things like a factory……

The research I made inspired my mind.And for example in task 2 ,the first idea I create is to motivate parents guilt ,then they can feel sorry and think more about their children.2

And in the last task,my topic is CHICHI panda.When I consider how to combine the traditional Chinese style to the context,and especially for the small users group .The traditional Chinese ink wash painting gave me some inspiration.

Screenshot (3)

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