Q1.what does this phrase mean?

From the article,it introduce the Splintering Urbanism :Firstly give the basic information about high modernism,then infrastructure networks become the key words, and move to nowadays,”urban infrastructure, the technical and the social”and urban development begin,at the last it gives different views of researchers.

“An expression of this is the diversification of infrastructural and service brands targeting internationalizing niche markets, especially those of high-spending customers.”

cases:L’Oréal brands

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WEEK 19 Smart city

what do you see as the promise of the Smart city concept and what are the potential problems?

Efficiency, optimisation , predictability, convenience and security.

This article show the controversial ideas about smart city.It give us different peoples views. And through these debates, smart city ‘s concept is more clearly.The Data is important,and the system of smart city will influence the society running.

And potential problems is also about the democracy,and now too much focus on “smart city” concept, but just like the last sentence in the last of this article “What is the city but the people?”And,who operate the smart city is a big problem.Maybe it is uncomfortable.

And I think this example is interesting and make us think more.

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It should be admit that nowadays too much useless things on the internet,Bur how to

define the“useless things”?It’s difficult to say,and is this thing itself is useless?

Looks interesting.

WEEK 18 -Critical /speculative design

Q1: what is critical or speculative design and how it is different from conventional approaches to design?

After I read the critical Q&A and watched the video,I still have not got much clearly idea about its definition.So I began to fond other information on the Internet.And after researches I got some of the information and those make me thinking.

In my point of view, critical and speculative design is a kind of way to find a question; they maybe have the low practicability but they have the meaningful connotation. I mean, they make people consider ,and gave the inspiration to us.And they combine the new technical ,theory,exploration.

There some obvious difference between critical design and normal design :

critical design is to find a question,but normal design is to focus on audience to solve a question.

Critical design including the speculate to the future.It engaging us thinking more.

Q2. Find an example.


PROJECT LINK: http://www.di10.rca.ac.uk/hiromiozaki/menstruation-machine.html

Firstly this work make me laugh,then it reminder me how some of the boys think blooding 5-6 days is a little thing for girls;boys con not understand the uncomfortable(sometimes is painful) of this feeling and they sometimes think  girls complained this because girls are too weak.

This project represent feminism.