WEEK 18 -Critical /speculative design

Q1: what is critical or speculative design and how it is different from conventional approaches to design?

After I read the critical Q&A and watched the video,I still have not got much clearly idea about its definition.So I began to fond other information on the Internet.And after researches I got some of the information and those make me thinking.

In my point of view, critical and speculative design is a kind of way to find a question; they maybe have the low practicability but they have the meaningful connotation. I mean, they make people consider ,and gave the inspiration to us.And they combine the new technical ,theory,exploration.

There some obvious difference between critical design and normal design :

critical design is to find a question,but normal design is to focus on audience to solve a question.

Critical design including the speculate to the future.It engaging us thinking more.

Q2. Find an example.


PROJECT LINK: http://www.di10.rca.ac.uk/hiromiozaki/menstruation-machine.html

Firstly this work make me laugh,then it reminder me how some of the boys think blooding 5-6 days is a little thing for girls;boys con not understand the uncomfortable(sometimes is painful) of this feeling and they sometimes think  girls complained this because girls are too weak.

This project represent feminism.

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