WEEK 19 Smart city

what do you see as the promise of the Smart city concept and what are the potential problems?

Efficiency, optimisation , predictability, convenience and security.

This article show the controversial ideas about smart city.It give us different peoples views. And through these debates, smart city ‘s concept is more clearly.The Data is important,and the system of smart city will influence the society running.

And potential problems is also about the democracy,and now too much focus on “smart city” concept, but just like the last sentence in the last of this article “What is the city but the people?”And,who operate the smart city is a big problem.Maybe it is uncomfortable.

And I think this example is interesting and make us think more.

Screenshot (11)

It should be admit that nowadays too much useless things on the internet,Bur how to

define the“useless things”?It’s difficult to say,and is this thing itself is useless?

Looks interesting.

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