Class things “sports machines” +“cut cut cut” collages+and other thinking


sports vending machines,choose the things you want.and take the recorder,it will ask you to do some sports exercise or dancing.After stamp the rat in can scan your recorder and then get your things want.

you may asked do a little exercise if you want a bottle of water but need to dancing some mins if you want a bar of chocolate.



At now the stage we became to make our system forecast and combine other classmates systems,sometime I will

consider the question ” what is the boundary of the ‘near future’?”

And I read this article ,I am really shocked by the content :

And according to that article.


It’s amazing!!And It reminder me last semester when I watching a video of interview.The designer in it said” we design things……have incredible ideas,it sounds crazy but nowadays a lot of problems are not  technical skills .”


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