WEEK 21 Drivers of change

Week 20 blog task asked us to show how the 2-3 “ issues” might present for our system.

The first issue I chose is “will your hone be smart?”

Screenshot (17)

Of course my hone will be smart in future, but when I consider this question and background,for my point of view,

this topic simply influence my system “CCTV.”


CCTV is like you have other eyes.what occasion you need have more eyes?For the safe?Take care of your small babe?

Want to take care of your soup in the kitchen but you want to do your work?

And I think in this stage consider how to combine CCTV to other technical tools is the way to thinking.

Screenshot (18)

City growth rapidly nowadays,sometimes for the visitors it is hardly view the all the landscapes.So what if set

more high qualities CCTV in the landscapes best locations?

People  can sit at home through the internet website feeling the views all around the world .


Screenshot (16)

This gif is a little bit interesting:


maybe they are all well organization,but how about if there are some unexpected things happend ?Like to take away one toy brick from a toy brick building?


Yes recently years more and more cars in the street.People spent more time on the way.How about set

some CCTV in the different key points in the road?And every cars has a signal ,so the device can according

to this make the forecast like“Now XXcars are turn into XX road,you will spent more than X mins during this way,

maybe you can  choose another way…”

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