london kin design persentation

Last week we have come to Kin design studio make the design2 presentation,really thanks a lot for our tutors and kin design


There are some what I am thinking after this presentation:

—Don’t change a lot ,because I always have not decide my idea,so I have not got time to do the prototype and test.

—The prototype is important.after I have visit the workshop space I fond this.

—First time made the video and website.But sadly the effect not good.



Let Them Go Whole House Automatic Infrared Ultrasonic Mouse Repellent

You, a college freshman, live alone, do not care much about your living condition. But one day, you find out that you have been living with some small animals the whole time……

It is really a big issue that some mice live in your house.

Mice can produce about 50-60 droppings per night and urinate all over the place. Their strong teeth can cause extensive damage to a wide range of materials. They can even cause fires when electric supplies are damaged, in which case pest control is clearly called for. What is even worse, house mice also carry bacteria and viruses. Among those, the most significant are Salmonella and Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis Virus (LCMV).

However, the appearance of the mice proves the ignorance of hygiene and sanitation of the residents. So after mice have gone, make sure your rooms, basements and cellars are kept neat and tidy. You will be saved from mice for months and years.

The key idea of this project is how to make the mice leave from people’s house. The drivers related to smart city is “will your home smart?”

Providing assistance of getting rid off these mice, this Automatic Infrared Ultrasonic Mouse Repellent may just be what you want. This ultrasonic mouse repellent uses both ultrasound and electromagnetic action to disturb the habits of mice. It will bring great pain to these creatures and make them act unusual. Aside with the ultrasonic sound it also has an electromagnetic pulse which penetrates walls, floors ceilings and all the other places that mice like to breed in. The greatest thing about this electronic mouse repellent is that it possesses the CCTV infrared fever sensing system. People can easily find the location of the mice just by watching the screen. Not a single mouse can hide from the “eye” of the infrared repellent.

How it works:

1.Set the device on a high shelf then turn on the switch. It can use wifi to connect to the computer.

2.When CCTV infrared fever sensing system find some small living animals ,it will automatically open the Infrared Ultrasonic Mouse Repellent.(when connected to the computer, the screen will show the working process.)

3.After the fever sensing system failing to find any animals for hours (5-meters-radius’s circle), the ultrasonic mouse repellent will automatically close.(When animals’ temperature suddenly appear, the system will alert people to have a check.)


Thermographic camera

Electronic pest control

Ultrasonic waves are safe to pets and humans, but rodents cannot stand them. Mice experience pain, lose their appetite and ability to maintain normal activities.


1.through the CCTV infrared fever sensing system, you will be clear about the number

of mice and the place they are. So there is no possibility that mice died somewhere you do not know.

2.Normally people do not know whether the mice have gone or not.

3.To be more efficient, the next stage is considering using APP to connect mobile phones, so users can check whether there are mice or not with ease even when they are not home.


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speculative design project video

The first communicates well project video I choose is therefore I am on Vimeo, “therefore I am” is a project on the topic of prenatal diagnostics – the measurement of a human before birth. Since just a few years it is possible to retrieve the DNA of a fetus, by analyzing the mothers blood.


There are flowing reason that I made this choice:

-It can communicate well. In the class I watched this video first time and I immediately understand its concept and how it works.

This project through the analysis of mother’s blood. It can be a predict of baby’s a life.

-interesting and the visual language was suitable for this subject.

The second video I choose is The angry lamb


Actually I like the idea of this project, but before I reading the text I still have not clearly about its concept.

-communicate not very well and interesting.

-idea is interesting but the video shows a little bit boring.

critical design

Firstly we have been asked to read the chapter one of <Speculative Everything: Design Fiction and Social Dreaming>,this chapter made a definition of critical design. Critical design is not the simply design a common products, it is more like an idea experiment focus on the future days.

and there are some key points of a successful critical design after I finish reading .

-It make people set up new imagination on the foundation of exist systems.

-give the place to let people debate and think more. and there is no exactly correct conclusion.

-It can be a possible part design,“Not in trying to predict the future but in using design to open up all sorts of possibilities that can be discussed.”

-Not the common design ,make some reaction for people’s spiritual part.

They interested in positioning design speculation in relation to futurology ,speculative culture including literature and cinema, fine art and radical social science concerned with changing reality rather than simply describing it or maintaining it.

Secondly I finished reading article <Questioning the “critical” in Speculative & Critical Design>.

And there are some of the problems associated with the contemporary critical design movement.

—–Limited by the people themselves, SCD has successfully managed to ignore things like class, gender and race, or at best only vaguely acknowledge, issues of class, race and gender (with few exceptions ).

SCD needs to be held accountable for its political and social positions;

—–‘Speculative Design can only earn its “Critical” name once it leaves its own comfort zone and start looking beyond privilege, for real.’

SCD should leave the Northern European middle class this safe zone,to face up more complex issues.

Smart city “On the way”

This smart city exhibition was a end of stage 2 of design 2 project.

I am in city 2.And my group members are  Samantha, Nicola, Yuki, Zoe.In these 4 weeks,we have worked as a group,everyone put their effort on this team work.There were 3 times meeting we used to have.Thanks a lot for tutors, and my  City’s members.