critical design

Firstly we have been asked to read the chapter one of <Speculative Everything: Design Fiction and Social Dreaming>,this chapter made a definition of critical design. Critical design is not the simply design a common products, it is more like an idea experiment focus on the future days.

and there are some key points of a successful critical design after I finish reading .

-It make people set up new imagination on the foundation of exist systems.

-give the place to let people debate and think more. and there is no exactly correct conclusion.

-It can be a possible part design,“Not in trying to predict the future but in using design to open up all sorts of possibilities that can be discussed.”

-Not the common design ,make some reaction for people’s spiritual part.

They interested in positioning design speculation in relation to futurology ,speculative culture including literature and cinema, fine art and radical social science concerned with changing reality rather than simply describing it or maintaining it.

Secondly I finished reading article <Questioning the “critical” in Speculative & Critical Design>.

And there are some of the problems associated with the contemporary critical design movement.

—–Limited by the people themselves, SCD has successfully managed to ignore things like class, gender and race, or at best only vaguely acknowledge, issues of class, race and gender (with few exceptions ).

SCD needs to be held accountable for its political and social positions;

—–‘Speculative Design can only earn its “Critical” name once it leaves its own comfort zone and start looking beyond privilege, for real.’

SCD should leave the Northern European middle class this safe zone,to face up more complex issues.

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