speculative design project video

The first communicates well project video I choose is therefore I am on Vimeo, “therefore I am” is a project on the topic of prenatal diagnostics – the measurement of a human before birth. Since just a few years it is possible to retrieve the DNA of a fetus, by analyzing the mothers blood.


There are flowing reason that I made this choice:

-It can communicate well. In the class I watched this video first time and I immediately understand its concept and how it works.

This project through the analysis of mother’s blood. It can be a predict of baby’s a life.

-interesting and the visual language was suitable for this subject.

The second video I choose is The angry lamb


Actually I like the idea of this project, but before I reading the text I still have not clearly about its concept.

-communicate not very well and interesting.

-idea is interesting but the video shows a little bit boring.

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