FM1 research question

To begin with my FMP I start to do the research, I try to gather the information I get about gender sexism in china and some people comments of gender and feminism. And surprisingly the sexism cases amounts are large than we are realize.

And sadly there are amount of those are public advertisements or the official posters, even the official government agency.


“The most achievement for a women is to be a good wife and mother,why you will to struggle the chance and place with men?”

(eg: The marriage registry posters of Xicheng,BEIJING)

Sometimes you may think it is not a problem,but when look in details,It seems like everywhere gender sexism Existed.

This situation make me consider a lot, for my FMP, which kind of audience I should focus on?

I am consider how to change the situation, but the more research I do, the more difficult I felt.

The society operate by the few people, but  the majority of this part people are have traditional Chinese idea about gender.

At the beginning I choose the university student as the audience, after I do some research, actually I found the most sexism are from the society and public crowd. And more deep thinking and research, I back to the university students, because one report of official website “baihewang”in 2010,there are 71% of female university students still think“have a good marriage better than well done yourself.” It can be say the majority of students are the tomorrow’s basic social people. So it has the necessary to focus on this group of people.

So my research question is

“How to engage more Chinese university students think about gender equality and try to change the recently situation.”

to make people more thinking “The response and the right of the gender.”“The Person You Can Depend On Is Yourself.”

And “Do not give too much family pressure to the man.”

reference:xinhua news

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