FM2 collection of background information

information collect in different aspects

The sexism in daily life, the really good website /book James recommended.

project website:

I am consider how to change the status, but the more research I do, the more difficult I felt.

Society has its own public judge. Now there are some of people realized and changed their mind. If more people changed, then the both gender will live few pressure.

A.In china,How are women represented in the media?

Some advertisements represent how the people behind them think of women.


“The most achievement for a women is to be a good wife and mother,why you will to struggle the chance and place with men?”

(The government marriage registry posters of Xicheng,BEIJING)



“Do the job you want just like Fxxk the women you like.”

the chinese“干”have the both meaning,and another meaning is very vulgar.

(advertisements of meituan website Recruitment)


(advertisements of Jingdong nurse day)

more examples I will paste in the sketch book.

B.background to gender inequality in China.

Everyday sexism ,whatever the book or the website, this project are perfect. And read the context in this website, also remind me some sexism in my relatives family. My father and uncles bored in a peasantry family of a small country , and when I was young , my female relatives have the low level of the family, they even not allowed to eating seat in front of the desk—only standing.   In the country,the women’s status are lower than in the city.

And there also are a new word“straight man cancer”appeared.

“A woman only has one ambition. In her heart, she sees love and childrearing as the most important thing in life.” On January 12, 2015, scholar Zhou Guopingthus tweeted on Weibo, the popular Chinese microblogging platform. Chinese commentators quickly diagnosed Zhou, a popular public intellectual at the state think tank Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, with “Straight Man Cancer.” The term “Straight Man Cancer,” coined in mid-2014, refers to chauvinist, judgmental behavior and language that propels sexist double standards or belittles women. Zhou’s controversial tweets exposed him to public scrutiny and attracted state attention. Communist Party mouthpiece People’s Daily re-posted an editorial, calling for the use of law and public opinion in order to “prevent ‘Straight Man Cancer’” in the private realm from “spreading into the public domain.” State news agency Xinhua also published the transcript of a newspaper interview with Zhou, in which he shamelessly called himself a “feminist.”

(‘Straight Man Cancer’: Sexism with Chinese Characteristics,

According to them, women’s only role was to get married and have children, ideally sons.And sadly there still have some women got the same views.

It is a congratulations to find a lover to get married.But the most treat a women like a item is some part about marriage.

Leta Hong Fincher vividly portrayed in her ground-breaking 2014 book Leftover Women: The Resurgence of Gender Inequality in Modern China .


China’s ‘straight man cancer’: are Chinese women finally on the rise? 

‘Straight Man Cancer’: Sexism with Chinese Characteristics

JingDong’s nurse day sells

The government marriage registry posters of Xicheng,BEIJING


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