FM5 gave up game/samples of photography /campaigns


I give up to make a game after I download the gamesalad , I found it is too complex, and I have not got any idea about which kind of game I going to made


At the sametime I sign up an account of blind date website as a user.

dsafasdfbaihewangScreenshot (64)22sdfdf

and I fond: If you have not pay money , the web only match you to the low qualities users ,and if you want get more high qualities users and have the clearly information(like phone number or some what)you need pay more.

I also fond some feminism photography samples:


Allaire Bartel’s “Boundaries” series.


coz I gave up to make a game, so I began to consider the photography /posters to be my outcome.

and I collect some of the feminism campaign campaign samples,whether in china or not.

555554444 “he for she”campaign

“who needs feminism?”


22Screenshot (64)

this is a caiman a girl ride bicycle to go through many citys, and gather the people signatures protest about the Sexual abuse.


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