FM6 campaign prepare and the my understandings

In this weekend I already do some research about how to set up a campaign.QQ截图20150625031937

and fond a plan of a campaign ”who need a feminism“


and at the same time it remind me this news

and at the same time there is another phenomenon attract my attention:there is a group of people who against feminism ,they may call feminism as feminaz or have a lot of misunderstanding about feminism.

when I do some simple interviews, I found some of my friends also have this reaction, when I say“Let us talk about the feminism in your understanding and opinion.” A mount of friends said they have not got good impact of this topic, even one of those persuade me don not choose topic to talk about because she disgust of this.

Then I fond:A lot of people would strongly attack “feminism” even never try to understand it.

and I also fond :there is a group of people indeed hate man and think man always need to die, they said they are feminism, the most people misunderstanding the feminism definition ,but they also call themselves feminist.

samples :baidu 女权主义(feminism)tieba

Then I realized this is a point that ”fake feminist“ influenced public views,maybe I can do something based on this point.


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