FM7 draft+tutorial

After meet with English language support teacher, she help me clarify my research question

“How to engage more Chinese university students know more about right definition of feminism?”


“How can communication design (campaign)clarify the concept of feminism accurately for

Chinese university students[ and hence dispel any common misunderstanding and destroy desultory bad impressions?”


first draft of campaign logo.after this tutorial I began to change,it was too gentle.


平(equality in chinese)+♀♀female symbol+Chinese triditional Wrighting brush


Also did a poster draft sample.

named ”“do not let the person you care about hurt twice.”



feedback :try to use more metaphor way to make a poster,and because in the tutorial I deterned to chose the theme

“#feminism si not +#feminism is”so tutor suggest all the posters related this topic,and consider more about layout.


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