FM9 announcements preparations.


announcements preparations.

maybe this scene is usually happen on some feminist people:

A:feminist is too overbearing.

I want to have a nice family with my husband. why you do not allowed?

B(feminist):it is not contradiction. The society feminist want to create is a scene you can have the respect whether you choose family or business.

more questions like :

“you hate males?”

“you are too sensitive.”

A lot of time, you have misunderstanding on some part because you did not know much

about that part. Nowadays a lot of audience not have the clarify definition about feminism. Actually they maybe one of the feminist.

So repost this campaign weibo or post a weibo tag#女性主义不是##女性主义而是#.

Try to help the people around you clarify the definition and reduce the misunderstanding.



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