FM11 design begin

FM11 design begin

some good respond in the campaign..


”Feminism is not reject marriage and family, feminist is hope this world and society can have more respect for women ‘s choice.“finalIMG_6531IMG_7104IMG_7105IMG_7106

#Feminism is not to #defeat male.

#Feminismis #equal gender right.

#Feminism is not to #limit the status of female,

#Feminism is #for female to have more choices when faced with the society.

#Feminism is not to#distort rights and obligations,

#Feminismis to #confront rights and obligations.


And rely on this ,I begin to consider more details organizations for my book.For the context of e-book, firstly I delete and change some part position of the article, and then my friends help me translate the article.

All the photos used in the books are taken by myself.


posters rely on the online campaign,there are some draft:


Draft of ebook layout.


and begin to design



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