FMP report–Points on research

Points on research

  1. Collecting data from social media to know more about the present situation of Chinese females.

As one research shows,about 66.7%university female students think that to have a rich husband is better than to have a promising job.(Xinhuanet)As a female who acquires higher education, I think It is really necessary that more women be aware of the importance of independence and realize it.

  1. Research onleft-over women, blind date, marriage, and domestic violence.

In general, the society holds that females are more vulnerable than males.For women themselves, both physical and spiritualindependence are important. All things considered, left-overwomen are usually those who have extraordinary abilities and independence.

However, many people also strongly attack “feminism”, who even have never tried to understand it. Thus, I changed my research question to “How can communication design (campaign) clarify the concept of feminism accurately for Chinese university students and hence dispel any common misunderstanding”.

  1. Final outcome.

After I have tried, I found thata game was too complex for me. Therefore, I chose a campaign and made an e-book with some posters instead of sticking to my original plan.

  1. Ways to set up a campaign and choose the content of the e-book.

“#Feminism is#or#feminism is not#”is an online campaign raised by me on weibo. No matter whether people were feminists or not,I appeal ed to them to post a weibo with the tag #feminism is# or #feminism is not# to help more people identify the concept of feminism accurately.

I chose an article from another piece of weibo article wanted campaign that was about feminism. Its author is an experience feminist. This can help raise people’s awareness of feminism.

The process of the project:

Questionnaires were prepared for the basic feminism knowledge of Chinese university students. Little interviews were also designed to achieve the expected outcome.Top 10 games were played by friends. VI design and poster sample test were also available.

Outcomes:A online campaign+10 posters(ideas from campaign)+an e-book in an English/Chinese version


Sadly just a small number of people participatedin the campaign, in which I only got 12 feedbacks.I had @ some feminism weibo accounts but only one or two of them noticed me. According to my research, many people from the feminist circle also have not got the accurate concept of feminism.As for Chinese university students, I have @ some accountsof university unions.At the beginning I wanted to post the poster and make some announcements in universities. However, from July to August all the Chinese universities are on their summer holiday, which made me give up my plan. If time permitted, I will come back to China and share my ideas with university unions.

What I have learned:


Personally it influenced my attitude towards my life. Through this final major project, I better understood the situationand concept of Chinese feminism.

At the beginning in April, I doubted that my topic was interesting and significant. FinallyI made up my mindbecause as a female, I used to have suffered some unfair treatment in the society. Unexpectedly, some of my friends persuaded me to give up this topic for my FMP.They thought that itwas too radical and that females and males are equal today.In addition,I also worriedthat I was not learned and persuasive enough in this topic.

But right now, I even feel lucky that I had chosen this topic. I have a better understanding of feminism and the struggle of some feminists. Furthermore, it is beneficial for me to be more aware of the importance of independence. It provides guidance for me to be independent and sensiblefemale.


FM12 outcome

my outcome is online campaign +ebook (English/Chinese version)+10*5 posters


online campaign is begin at the book of page  2


totally 27 pages (English version)


chinese version



10 posters content is from the online the beginning I choose to print in A3,but after monday meet the tutor at the exhibition room I changed them to A5.One reason is there is no place to pint and another reason is my e-book is the main outcome.if the poster too large the e-book in the pad maybe ignore by the audience.


FM11 design begin

FM11 design begin

some good respond in the campaign..


”Feminism is not reject marriage and family, feminist is hope this world and society can have more respect for women ‘s choice.“finalIMG_6531IMG_7104IMG_7105IMG_7106

#Feminism is not to #defeat male.

#Feminismis #equal gender right.

#Feminism is not to #limit the status of female,

#Feminism is #for female to have more choices when faced with the society.

#Feminism is not to#distort rights and obligations,

#Feminismis to #confront rights and obligations.


And rely on this ,I begin to consider more details organizations for my book.For the context of e-book, firstly I delete and change some part position of the article, and then my friends help me translate the article.

All the photos used in the books are taken by myself.


posters rely on the online campaign,there are some draft:


Draft of ebook layout.


and begin to design


FM10 campaign began/E-book editing preparation


The campaign was began.


Screenshot 67

and after campaign, I am ask for the article right of warrant. And this is for my e-book content.


ME: Sorry to disturb you,I am a MA student and now I am doing my final major project, can I use your article of campaign in my project?I promise it would not be commercial use. And the article I choose will be clearly with thief author ‘s name.

The female of voice account  :OK,no problem.

and at the same time make some preparation for the E-book editing.

“typography is important.”

learning more about Helvetica:

FM9 announcements preparations.


announcements preparations.

maybe this scene is usually happen on some feminist people:

A:feminist is too overbearing.

I want to have a nice family with my husband. why you do not allowed?

B(feminist):it is not contradiction. The society feminist want to create is a scene you can have the respect whether you choose family or business.

more questions like :

“you hate males?”

“you are too sensitive.”

A lot of time, you have misunderstanding on some part because you did not know much

about that part. Nowadays a lot of audience not have the clarify definition about feminism. Actually they maybe one of the feminist.

So repost this campaign weibo or post a weibo tag#女性主义不是##女性主义而是#.

Try to help the people around you clarify the definition and reduce the misunderstanding.


FM8 outcome planning /logo redesign

After tutor’s feedback I have redesign my campaign logo. And at this stage, I am clearly understanding what I am going to made.

1.feminism campaign(aimed at nowadays  a lot of people would strongly attack “feminism” even never try to understand it.)

#feminism is not#

#feminism is#

2.articles.(basic feminism information background /misunderstandings)

3.posters.(tutor suggest make large size, and related the campaign #feminism is not# #feminism is# this topic, consider use campaign context)

1+2 or 1+2+3 finally made an E -book.

A.logo redesign




O+X(yes or no)+?+♀♀female symbol=


campaign is a part of outcome.

plan a campaign


because nowadays  a lot of people would strongly attack “feminism” even never try to understand it.

I aimed at more people know the basic information of feminism.(especially those people who have heard this word but have not got clarify definition of feminism)

they may be feminist friends/relatives)

B.analysis situation:

Feminist not only worry about the people who against feminism, but also worry about those people said they are feminism but actually they have not got correct definition about feminism.

C.Who is your target?

Feminism people said their idea of feminism ,then the friends /relatives of them can have a little change of their mind about feminism, they all have a great Polymerization of Chinese university students

FM7 draft+tutorial

After meet with English language support teacher, she help me clarify my research question

“How to engage more Chinese university students know more about right definition of feminism?”


“How can communication design (campaign)clarify the concept of feminism accurately for

Chinese university students[ and hence dispel any common misunderstanding and destroy desultory bad impressions?”


first draft of campaign logo.after this tutorial I began to change,it was too gentle.


平(equality in chinese)+♀♀female symbol+Chinese triditional Wrighting brush


Also did a poster draft sample.

named ”“do not let the person you care about hurt twice.”



feedback :try to use more metaphor way to make a poster,and because in the tutorial I deterned to chose the theme

“#feminism si not +#feminism is”so tutor suggest all the posters related this topic,and consider more about layout.

FM6 campaign prepare and the my understandings

In this weekend I already do some research about how to set up a campaign.QQ截图20150625031937

and fond a plan of a campaign ”who need a feminism“


and at the same time it remind me this news

and at the same time there is another phenomenon attract my attention:there is a group of people who against feminism ,they may call feminism as feminaz or have a lot of misunderstanding about feminism.

when I do some simple interviews, I found some of my friends also have this reaction, when I say“Let us talk about the feminism in your understanding and opinion.” A mount of friends said they have not got good impact of this topic, even one of those persuade me don not choose topic to talk about because she disgust of this.

Then I fond:A lot of people would strongly attack “feminism” even never try to understand it.

and I also fond :there is a group of people indeed hate man and think man always need to die, they said they are feminism, the most people misunderstanding the feminism definition ,but they also call themselves feminist.

samples :baidu 女权主义(feminism)tieba

Then I realized this is a point that ”fake feminist“ influenced public views,maybe I can do something based on this point.

FM5 gave up game/samples of photography /campaigns


I give up to make a game after I download the gamesalad , I found it is too complex, and I have not got any idea about which kind of game I going to made


At the sametime I sign up an account of blind date website as a user.

dsafasdfbaihewangScreenshot (64)22sdfdf

and I fond: If you have not pay money , the web only match you to the low qualities users ,and if you want get more high qualities users and have the clearly information(like phone number or some what)you need pay more.

I also fond some feminism photography samples:


Allaire Bartel’s “Boundaries” series.


coz I gave up to make a game, so I began to consider the photography /posters to be my outcome.

and I collect some of the feminism campaign campaign samples,whether in china or not.

555554444 “he for she”campaign

“who needs feminism?”


22Screenshot (64)

this is a caiman a girl ride bicycle to go through many citys, and gather the people signatures protest about the Sexual abuse.